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  • Lancashire County Scientific Services stop sale of illegal vodka

    The Blackpool Gazette - 05 March 2012

    Analysis carried out by Lancashire County Scientific Services recently played a role in stopping the sale of illegal vodka. The sample was found to contain 27.9%v/v Alcohol and 0.6% iso-Propanol. The Spirit Drinks Regulations 2008 require that vodka should have an alcoholic strength of not less than 37.5 per cent by volume. This meant that the sample was deficient in alcohol to the extent of 25 per cent of the alcohol content required by the Regulations. More seriously the presence and amount of iso-propanol found in the sample posed a serious risk to health. Iso-propanol is used as a cleaning fluid and is found in car windscreen de-icer solutions. The consumption of iso-propanol can cause blindness. The Public Analyst report sent to Trading Standards authorities concluded that the vodka failed to meet food safety requirements.

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  • “Food Inspectors” featured Staffordshire Scientific Services

    Staffordshire Scientific Services feature on BBC2 “Food Inspectors” - 29 February 2012

    BBC2 “Food Inspectors” featured Staffordshire Scientific Services and some of their staff (With Head of South Staffordshire Trading Standards), in an item which dealt with counterfeit spirits. If you missed this programme you can find it on the BBC iPlayer by clicking on the link below.

  • BBC Radio 4 Food Programme

    Duncan Campbell features on Radio 4's Food Programme - 26 February 2012

    An interview with Dr Duncan Campbell, President of the Association, was included in a recent edition of the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4. Billed as "Who makes sure our food is safe and how? A report on Britain's food safety net.", the programme looked at the work carried out by Public Analysts and revealed just how fragile this net has become. The programme is available to "Listen Again" on the BBC iPlayer.

  • Supermarket worker’s secret stash of vodka

    The Sunday Post - 13 December 2009

    Tucked away in a housing estate in Glasgow’s Springburn is an Aladdin’s Cave of toys — but children have to be kept well away. There’s also some dodgy food and drink, contaminated water and air-quality samples taken from city streets. For these are the labs of Glasgow City Council’s Scientific Services.

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  • The public analyst

    Education in Chemistry - 01 May 2009

    Public analysts are responsible for the safety and quality of our foods and check that the labels give us correct information. These highly-skilled analytical scientists also test a wide range of consumer goods as well as water and air samples that may have an effect on human health or the environment. More recently, some laboratories have been involved in the fight against terrorism and run tests on hazardous materials and suspicious powders.

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  • Safety in Numbers - 500,000 tests to help protect food and toys

    Evening Times - 27 December 2008

    A team of Glasgow experts have a mission – make sure it does what it says on the packet. The highly skilled team of public analysts are responsible for ensuring the safety of food eaten by hundreds of thousands of people.

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