• Analysis reveals dangerous cosmetics.

    Work at Kent Scientific Services carried out under the direction of Public Analyst Jon Griffin established that five of items bought from a site on eBay contained either hydroquinone or corticosteroids. Pure White Dark Spot Corrector Serum contained both but did not list them as ingredients. The serum contained 10% hydroquinone. This is five times the limit that was allowed in cosmetics before a complete European ban in 2001. Following a four-year investigation by Southwark Council’s Trading Standards team Musiliu Olatunji Badejo, pleaded guilty to selling the banned cosmetics in April.

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    The day to day work carried out by the members of the APA has a direct effect on our daily lives — from the food that we eat to the air we breathe, from checking the safety of children's toys to providing a frontline emergency response unit for chemical leaks.

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    View some recent case studies of work carried out by members of the APA showcasing the diverse range of instances where our members get involved.

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