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  • Successful prosecution against man who claimed to cure cancer with food.

    Worcestershire Public Analyst, Paul Hancock, on behalf of London Borough of Camden Trading Standards, provided analysis and expert opinion to assist in the conviction of Errol Denton.
    Mr Denton claimed to be able to cure a number of diseases including cancer, with just a simple blood test and changes to diet. Mr Denton also suggested the use of a colloidal silver preparation in his ‘treatments’, which he claimed to contain 400ppm silver, that actually contained less than 3ppm.

    Giving evidence at Blackfriars Crown Court, Mr Hancock provided the court with sufficient information for the jury to convict Mr Denton on a range of offences, resulting in a fine of £2250, costs of £15000 and the placing of a criminal behaviour order.

    Full details of the case are available at http://news.camden.gov.uk/man-who-claimed-to-cure-cancer-with-blood-test-and-food-fined-and-handed-criminal-behaviour-order/