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  • MChemA success at APA Conference 2017

    APA President Jon Griffin with the succesful canditates (L-R Emma Downie, Michael Kierszten, Jon Griffin and Bharathi Reddy)

    2017 APA Conference Dinner

    Three MChemA candidates celebrated their success at the recent APA Conference in Canterbury. The MChemA (Mastership of Chemical Analysis) is the qualification prescribed by The Food Safety (Sampling and Qualifications) Regulations 2013 for a person to be appointed as a Public Analyst in the United Kingdom. These regulations also provide that the MChemA is an authorised qualification for a person to practice as a Food Examiner. Responsibility for the examination and the award of a Mastership remain with the Royal Society of Chemistry, from which copies of current regulations and syllabus for the examination may be obtained.

    The successful MChemA candidates were Bharathi Reddy (Lancashire), Michael Kierszten (Tayside) and Emma Downie (PASS, Wolverhampton) who were all awarded with their certificates at the conference dinner.