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  • APA President Speaks To Birmingham University MSc Students

    APA President Jon Griffin recently gave a talk to MSc students at the University of Birmingham who were following a course in Food Safety, Hygiene and Management. 
    The talk was titled “Food Fraud-Is there a test for that” and was part of a themed week of lectures from speakers outside the faculty covering food fraud.

    Jon’s initially covered the role of the Public Analyst and structure of the enforcement system in the UK and then went on to explain what food fraud actually meant followed by examples of food products that could be substituted and adulterated and how you could test for this.
    The aim of the course was to prepare the students for a written assessment revolving around choosing a food vulnerable to fraud, explaining why this was the case, the potential fraudulent activities, how they could be detected, the impact of such a fraud and how the fraud could be prevented.

    A copy of the module guide is attached below.