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  • Retirement of Steve Appleton

    Cake © Karen Maddison 2018

    Steve Appleton (left) pictured with his successor Duncan Campbell

    Steve Appleton and colleagues were treated to a bespoke cake to mark his retirement from Aberdeen Scientific Services last week. The cake, creation of Karen Maddison, a colleague of Steve’s from his days in Durham and an MChemA candidate in the laboratory, is a work of imagination and does not depict any actual event in Steve’s career! Steve joined the Durham lab in 1992 as a Senior Scientist and went on to become Laboratory Manager in 2000, gaining his MChemA in 2004. He moved to Aberdeen 10 years ago as Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst and subsequently gained the necessary experience to act as a Food Examiner. Steve served on APA Council from 2012 to 2015 and acted as the Association’s Co-ordinator of Scientific Affairs for part of that time.  Steve is succeeded by Duncan Campbell (Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst) and Kerry Parrott (Food Examiner). Commenting on Steve’s time in Aberdeen Carole Jackson, Protective Services Manager for Aberdeen City Council, said “As Public Analyst at Aberdeen Scientific Services Laboratory for the best part of a decade, Steve has lent his knowledge and expertise not only to Aberdeen City Council, but also to a number of other local authorities and private and public sector clients. He has been a pleasure to work with, and I know he will be much missed by our partner organisations as well as his colleagues.”