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  • Public Analysts results lead to UK restaurant being fined for misleading description of lobster dish

    White fish and lobster were mixed and formed to look like lobster meat

    Public Analysts from the Minton Treharne & Davies Group were involved in the legislative assessment and issuing of the certificate when asked for an opinion by their local Swansea Trading Standards in the case of a lobster dish being misleadingly described.

    ASK restaurant chain was fined £40,000 in Swansea Magistrate Court on 14 January for misleadingly describing one of their dishes - “Aragosta e Gamberoni” (lobster and king prawns). The lobster component of the dish was a reformed product containing only 35% lobster with white fish protein and white fish. Sales of the dish amounted to £3m across the UK since it was launched in 2014, though the charge spanned the period between 1 December 2016 and 20 March 2019 - when Swansea Trading Standards alerted ASK and removed the dish from its menu.

    The BBC new report on the case can be found at the link below