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  • Minton Treharne & Davies Group are now located at one laboratory

    The Minton Treharne & Davies Group have announced that all of its divisions have now moved into its new 25,000 sq ft facility on the outskirts of the Welsh capital city to join their four public analysts there.

    These other divisions include solid fuel, oil/petroleum, environmental metallurgy, fire investigation, non destructive testing with a training school and worldwide expert scientific consultants.

    This complements the public analysts division in its offering of food, food complaints, agriculture, private water supply, microbiology and consumer product safety (sunglasses, jewellery, toys, cosmetics) testing.

    It also means that the public analyst division has access to a wider range of additional techniques such as GC-MS-MS, LC-MS-MS, GC-GC-MS, Pyrolysis GC, FT-IR with microscope, scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer, Next Generation DNA Sequencing and further expertise to call upon in times of need.