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  • Jon Griffin addresses Kent Local Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry

    Earlscliffe College, Folkestone

    APA President Jon Griffin

    APA President Jon Griffin recently spoke to the Kent Local Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The talk which was given on Thursday 23rd March was titled “The Role of the Public Analyst-Food Safety for Thought” and covered the history of the Public Analyst, the UK network of Public Analyst laboratories, the scope of work carried out and an insight into the way the laboratories protect the public from the food they eat and those who may adulterate it potentially causing harm.

    The event which was held at Earlscliffe College in Folkestone attracted an audience of around 40.

    The branch secretary spoke to a number of those who attended who all said how much they enjoyed the talk and in particular how much they learnt about the role and activities of the Public Analysts in the UK.

    Following the presentation, one member of the audience member sent a message to Jon which read “Thank you very much for a very informative and entertaining lecture.  I can’t believe how underfunded such an important safeguard of ours is! I feel disappointed, both as a citizen and a chemist”