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    Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK and Ireland has strengthened its position as a leader in its field by giving the green light on an expansion of laboratories at its Wolverhampton headquarters. The £1.5million investment will increase capacity at the i54 site and will bring even greater food and water testing capabilities, underlining the firm’s commitment to innovation.

    The 1,000 square metre development will see food microbiology laboratories expanded on the ground floor, while water hygiene testing will be expanded in a new first floor extension, alongside a larger staff canteen. This enhances the overall capabilities of the site, complimenting the investment in the expansion of food chemistry and contaminants that was completed in 2016.

    Patrick Harte, General Manager at Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK and Ireland, said: “This extension reinforces our commitment to further increasing the services we can offer, harnessing our world-leading laboratory expertise.

    “Our investment also means we are future-proofing the facility, widening the scope of what we can offer, giving customers even greater insight to help them make truly informed commercial decisions.”

    Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK and Ireland is made up of 11 world-class laboratories and is the world leader in food, feed and water testing, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to support customers’ increasingly stringent quality and food safety standards.

    The company is part of Eurofins Scientific, an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries worldwide.

    It is anticipated the new development will be complete by this autumn.