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  • Ham Pizzas That Don’t Contain Pork

    ITV reporter Jonathan Maitland (right) with Dr. Duncan Campbell (left)

    Work commissioned through Public Analyst Dr Duncan Campbell for ITV’s Tonight Programme ( #ITVTonight ) due to be broadcast at 7.30pm this evening (25th October 2018) on ITV1 showed that the “ham” on nine out of ten Ham and Pineapple pizzas bought in Manchester was turkey. The programme is mentioned in the Daily Mail .
    According to the Daily Mail “Watchdogs are failing to carry out vital food sampling and hygiene checks in restaurants, takeaways and other outlets, putting the public in danger. Research found that 33 councils had done no food standards sampling tests over the past year, which means businesses could be getting away with selling meat and other products that are not what they appear.
    In addition, six of the councils did no food hygiene checks, which means dirty, rat-infested businesses could be selling risky meals with little chance of being caught.”