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  • Edinburgh Scientific Services Expand PCR and Legionella Testing

    Edinburgh Scientific Services (ESS) have announced that its PCR testing UKAS accreditation scope has been extended. The laboratory is one of only a small handful in the UK that hold generic/flexible scope for any bacteria in any food, water or environmental sample.

    The laboratory already holds specific accreditation for Campylobacter, Legionella and shiga toxins associated with pathogenic E. coli such as E. coli O157. This is useful when testing sprouted seeds and dairy products such as cheese.

    As part of the service provided in relation to their role as appointed Food Examiners, ESS offer a full suite of microbiology testing and also have protocols in place to test for viruses such as Norovirus and Hepatitis A in shellfish, Hepatitis E in pork products and parasites such as Anasakis in fish.

    ESS have expanded their portfolio to include water sampling accreditation and unusually, for a laboratory Legionella risk assessment in compliance with HSE guidance documents. This means the laboratory can offer an end-to- end service of building risk assessments for Legionella, water sampling and chemical and microbiology testing including a PCR test in 36 hours rather than traditional culture which takes 10 days An expanded Legionella team also offer compliance programmes including regular water temperature measurements, shower disinfection and water storage tank cleaning. For bigger jobs they have their own dedicated in-house plumber who can install Legionella compliant water systems.